Rob Taylor

Rob Taylor

Rob Taylor has been providing counseling in the Four State area for the past 28 years. Mr. Taylor specializes in treating individuals experiencing depression, anxiety or obsessive-compulsive disorder. He is a trained provider of EMDR which is a world-wide known counseling technique for helping individuals suffering trauma or the effects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

[read more]Rob has specialized training in counseling couples who are experiencing relationship distress. He has counseled children and teens in acute hospital settings, long term residential treatment centers, as well as outpatient settings over the past three decades. Rob has received specialized training in Nonviolent Crisis Prevention whereby he has helped many individuals learn ways to deescalate problematic situations. Mr. Taylor has provided workshops and training to schools and to local communities. He has worked within local schools to help teachers implement Individualized Education Plans or 504 plans for students having specific needs.

Rob has a long history of working with doctors, nurses and other health professionals in providing a multi­disciplinary treatment regimen for clients experiencing emotional distress. He currently sees many clients having ADHD and helps both parents and children learn effective strategies in effectively treating this disorder. Mr. Taylor sees many individuals experiencing distress from stressful adjustments such as divorce and blended family issues, as well as clients who are adjusting from other stressors including job or career changes or relocation to new communities.

Rob helps high school students who are needing to process future goals including career paths or the adjustment of graduating high school and either joining the full-time workforce or making decisions about college or their major. Rob is a former high school and college athlete and has talked with many student-athletes about the thrill of competition but keeping the joy and fun in sports as well.

Rob sees clients suffering bereavement from the loss of a loved one. He has counseled older adults who are experiencing depression or loneliness or are making decisions about retirement. Mr. Taylor sees parents needing help with positive parenting strategies in raising either young children or teens or needing information in navigating through “empty nest” when their children leave their home.

Rob has experience in counseling most any type of situation and is often referred by local doctors in helping individuals of all age groups who are suffering distress. Mr. Taylor is married and along with his wife has raised their three children who are now in college. Rob enjoys being outdoors, playing tennis, taking jogs, playing the guitar or piano and spending time with family and friends.

Rob is currently pursuing certification as a Mental Health Integrative Medicine Provider which focuses on the use of nutritional, herbal and culinary medicine for the treatment of trauma and emotional and chronic physical illness.[/read]