Making a decision to go to counseling is difficult. It is important to feel comfortable and safe as you explore your emotions, past experiences, and current struggles. Counseling Associates of the Four States strives to make the experience comfortable and beneficial.

Counseling Associates of the Four States has many counselors to choose from, each of which specializes in a variety of issues. For counseling to be successful and to gain the maximum benefit, it is important to feel connected and comfortable with your counselor. In beginning the process of choosing a counselor, many find it helpful to go to the CAFS website and “click” on each counselor’s picture and read about their background, experience and specialties.

In individual therapy, the counselor will begin by conducting a thorough assessment in which an individual describes their present symptoms and issues and provides the counselor with additional information pertaining to their background and story. People choose individual therapy as a result of various types of distress in their life, including feelings of anxiety, panic, depression, mood swings, life adjustments, traumas, eating disorders, ADHD, addictions and many other symptoms. Clients experience relief from their symptoms due to the support and objective feedback and guidance provided in counseling. Just as a person that suffers from physical distress typically sees a physician, a person suffering from emotional distress typically sees a mental health professional.

Most individuals set up weekly appointments with their counselor in the beginning stages of treatment and then spread out sessions as they experience relief from their symptoms and make progress toward their goals. Counseling is confidential and typically takes place in an office setting. When you begin the process, your counselor will answer any questions you have about the process and let you know what to expect. At Counseling Associates of the Four States,  therapy will be nonjudgmental and compassionate and with specific focus on your goals and happiness.