Teletherapy has become a necessity in our world. Did you know that teletherapy was widely used by counselors well before the COVID-19 pandemic? It is understandable that many people are uncertain or even skeptical about teletherapy being as effective as in-person counseling. Some concerns include missing the counselor’s physical office which is safe and comfortable, having technical difficulties that interrupt sessions, and often finding a private, quiet place at home is a challenge. However, teletherapy does not have to be just a temporary replacement for in-person sessions. Many clients and counselors have been doing online sessions for years. Some advantages to online counseling are:

  • Attending counseling in your own space
  • Transportation is no longer an issue
  • Teletherapy is convenient for everyone and time barriers for travel are no longer an issue. Parents do not have to leave work to pick up their child from school, as teletherapy can be conducted in private during the school day. Working adults can use their offices or cars during their scheduled breaks or lunches.
  • Many clients report that they are more able to open up and feel less vulnerable and exposed through teletherapy.
  • Children and teens are already well versed in the digital world and the use of a tablet, computer, or smartphone comes easy to them. There are many online platforms that provide interactive participation, just as normally conducted in the office.
  • Parents do not necessarily have to childcare if their kids are old enough to occupy themselves for awhile (but not old enough to be home alone).

As clinicians, we are educated and experienced on providing teletherapy through proven strategies to calm and engage anyone struggling with emotional and personal difficulties. We use focused techniques that create interactive and meaningful teletherapy sessions for all ages. Client consistently report satisfaction with teletherapy as just as effective in teaching health coping mechanisms, processing emotions and experiences, and using the mind/body connection to develop a pathway to wellness, as in-person sessions.